Breastfeeding - Love in every drop

Handmade by me, created by you

Looking for the perfect gift for a new mum? Something personal that they'll cherish?
A gift that Mum will treasure as part of that amazing bond with her baby?

At Mama Moo we make stunning breast milk jewellery for a truly personal touch.

So if you want a lasting memory, let me help you make that liquid gold into a gorgeous keepsake.

So give the gift of love, of that most precious journey.

Changes to your order and cancellation

Any changes to your order can be made up until your order is to be created, which will usually be within 24 hours of us receiving your breastmilk. If you wish to have something amended/changed please contact me as soon as possible so we can discuss this.

If you wish to cancel your order and work has not been started, any monies paid will be refunded, minus any payment for the special delivery package (if already sent to you) regardless of whether you have used the package or not plus a £5 administration fee.

If you wish to cancel, and work has commenced then you are liable for the full amount as this is personal to you and can't be resold. There will be no refunds. If your order is yet to be started, any changes that would occur additional charges will need to be paid for before work commences.

If your order has started, we are still happy to discuss changes, but anything that requires a whole new order to be done, will incur a 50% charge for the cancelled order plus the cost of the new order. You will be charged the cost of the new one, minus the 50% refund, unless the cost of the new order is less than the 50%, in which case you will be billed for the full cost of the second order and then once this is paid, we will refund the 50%. Work on the new order will commence once all monies have been paid.

Sending your milk


The following is required for sending.

1. Place the milk in a sealed breast milk bag.

2. Place this bag in another and then seal and place this in a third and seal.

3. Write your name on the third bag.

4. Try and remove as much air from the bags before each sealing, make sure both seals on the bags are closed and then place in bubble wrap (or the bubble wrap bag) and seal.

5. Place this into a card mailing box not a postal bag as this can compromise the milk and increase possibility of leakage.

6. On the front of the box clearly write Jewellery Making Material.

If I require more I will let you know. Do NOT overfill your bag with the milk. The maximum you may send is 2fl oz or 60ml.

If there is any leakage or damage then it is treated as contaminated and therefore unusable and will require you to send another batch.

If you choose to mail yourself, it is your responsibility to ensure it arrives and I can't guarantee the integrity of your milk reaching me without leakage or contamination. Any leakage/damage therefore will require a replacement to be sent, at the expense of the buyer.

If you order the postal package, then I accept responsibility for any damage/leakage and this will result in a replacement package being sent out at my expense as long as you have followed the required packing instructions.

Lead times for jewellery

Turnaround for your jewellery will hopefully be within 7 business days during non-busy periods, depending on how complex the item is. I will of course endeavour to have it ready and posted out as quickly as I can, but I will give you an estimated completion date upon receipt of your milk arriving to me (and in a good condition) and will keep you updated as to the current progress, and any delays if they occur.

Looking after your jewellery

Resin, although hardwearing, if not looked after is still capable of being scratched and looking less than new. Like any piece of jewellery, over time, general wear and tear is normal but if you follow these guidelines it may help reduce the effects and keep it looking better for longer. Resin is splashproof, but not waterproof. Don't wear in the shower, swimming, or in contact with water for a prolonged period of time. Make sure make up and perfume is applied and dry before putting on your jewellery. Store your resin jewellery out of direct sunlight as this can harm it as direct heat isn't good for the resin and can cause yellowing of the resin product. Avoid cleaning products/chemicals while wearing resin jewellery. Including nail varnish remover/hairspray.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Upon completion and postage of your item, we will dispose of any remaining milk unless you specify otherwise at the time of order. If you wish us to retain your milk in the event you may require something else in future, we will store it for a maximum of 6 months from date of receipt and we will contact you 4 weeks before the end date, to make sure you are aware this is about to expire.

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