Sellers FAQs

Sellers FAQ 
What are the fees to join? 

Pay as you go shop
£10 join up fee, List as much as you like once your item sells you will pay a 4.75% commission that will automatically be paid when the customer pays you.

Subscription shops
£5.75 monthly
£30 every 6 months ( works out to £5 a month) 
£50 every year ( works out to £4.17 a month) 
Any sellers wanting a 2nd shop they get at £20 discount per shop making it £30 a year. ( pcg and gbuk discounts only apply to the FIRST shop) 
No % commission on subscription accounts. No limit to how much you can list. If you are a member of GBUK or PCG then you get £5 off if 6 monthly and £10 off if paid annually for as long as you are members 
You can upgrade or downgrade your fees as long as I get 5 working days notice before your next invoice is due

Do I need to be registered with HMRC? 
In a word Yes! If you are selling you must pay taxes and NI like you would any work/job even if you make a loss you need to be registered, you will find all the info here. You will get your own UTR number for when you do your self assessments etc.. 

Do I have to be in the UK to be a seller? 
Yes you do. 

Do I need a PayPal account? 
Yes! you do need a PayPal account to accept payments, if anything were to happen both you and the buyer are covered and PayPal will help with any disputes IF one arises. 

Can I sell worldwide? 
Yes, just make sure your shipping settings are done for the particular countries you wish to post to and it will show up in your listings that you post there. 

How do I know if I have sold something? 
You will get an email and it will show up in your dash board. 

Can I sell eBooks and digital downloadable items? 
Sorry no only physical items can be sold on Truly Handcrafted. According to the guideline on HMRC site you can however sell your tutorial as a physical item and manually email your buyer the tutorial and would not come under the VAT guidelines. 

Do I have to make what I sell? 
It must be handmade, or handcrafted in some way. For example if you draw your own art you can list it... if you draw your own art and have it printed on a t-shirt or mug and its exclusive to you yes that's allowed. If you buy items in like a 2nd hand box sand it down, repaint it and decorated it then yes that is allowed. What is NOT ALLOWED is you ordering in readymade mass produced items from a supplier and selling it. It must be unique and done by your own hands! 

Is there a limit on what I can list? 
No you can list as much as you like. 

Is there anything that is not allowed on your site although its handmade? 
Dummy clips, blinged dummies are a not allowed. I don't allow food items, CD's,DVD's, alcohol and tobacco items. 

I have an item missing did you remove it? 
If I remove anything from your shop its either because it was copy right infringement or an item that was not allowed and I will inform you when I have done it. 

Do I have to follow any guidelines when selling? 
Yes there is something called the Consumer Contract Regulations that came out in June 2013 you must follow this when sorting out any problems here is a link to the guidelines ** You must follow all guidelines given by Consumer Contract regulations, when selling on Truly Handcrafted. 
If we find you refuse to replace/refund or help any customers when they have purchased from you we WILL close down your shop and you will not be allowed back on Truly Handcrafted to sell. 

Can I see what views my products have got? 
Yes we have a page so you can see all the views your products have had. 

How to report an item I KNOW is not handmade? 
On each product listing is a red flag icon click on that and you will get a pop up/take you to another page. Then leave your email address and why you think its not handmade. If you don't want to know about the out come of the investigation ( as we can all make mistakes) then just hit enter. 

Can I make a list of shops I like? 
Yes just make sure you are logged in and click the ' add to favourites' button on each shop seller you like. Anytime you wish to delete just click the red cross next to it. 

What certificates if any do I need to sell my products? 
Whatever you make it is your responsibility to make sure that your items are put through any tests before they are allowed to be sold if you are not sure then you can contact your local trading standards. Don't forget too if you are selling product like cosmetics they too have to go through the cosmetic product safety regulations. 

Can I sell my products of my childs favourite show? 
Each company as their own rules on what images you can use. 'Copy Righted' items are a no no and we will pull any listings that infringe copy right. If you are not sure there are links below for you to check. Copy right information If you own your own copy right items and you feel another seller as copied your designs then please contact us at Truly handcrafted with proof of your registered design and your infringement notice Intellectual property link

I sell other items that may contain swear words and other profanities am I allowed? 
The guidelines for this is. only post in the over 18's section no where else ( it will be disabled until you correct it) make sure your main picture has any swear words blurred ( so if it appears on front page it does not offend) Whenever you share on our facebook page do so only after 9pm and before 7am the same will apply for any shares done by admins of the page. 

What happens if I want to cancel my shop with you? 
Simple you give me 7 days notice. I will cancel your subscription you will get an email from PayPal confirming this and the day it was due I will close down your shop. 

I am off on my holiday how do I close my shop? 
Go to your sellers dashboard you will see the link to holiday mode… and just click and away you go. Please be aware if your shop is going to be closed for more than a month you need to let me know and I will deactivate it for you til you are ready to come back. 

Is there a place to go to talk to other sellers and ask for advice ? 
Yes we have a facebook page be sure to join. 

I also sell on other platforms can I post links? 
Sorry no you can't, no links to other selling sites whether it be another Market place or your own website. Also you can use your own avatars that you use on other places as long as there are no links the same with your banners.

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