Why sell with us?

Why Sell with us?

We aren't just another online market place I am a crafter myself I have been making jewellery and other crafts for over 10 years.  With this in mind I understand the work and the process that goes into making your products and that you want a site that is not flooded in mass produced items where your products will be lost.

Whenever a seller applies for a shop I personally check and approve their shop to make sure they are making their own products to sell and each time an item is listed I get an email. Also with the collective knowledge of other crafters we believe in helping each other and discuss things either on the page or forum.

· All items to be handmade by yourself
· Organised people who will check their emails and keep their shops stocked and updated
· Crafters and designers who are serious about their business and produce good quality items
· You must be a resident in the UK to be a seller

Sellers Fee

What are the fees to join? 

Pay as you go shop
£15 join up fee, List as much as you like once your item sells you will pay a 5% commission that will automatically be paid when the customer pays you.

Subscription shops
£6.99 monthly

£60 every year ( works out to £5 a month) 

No % commission

No limit to how much you can list.

If you are a member of GBUK or PCG then you get £10 off if paid annually.

You can upgrade or downgrade your fees as long as I get 5 working days notice before your next invoice is due


· Payment is via PayPal only that way both seller and buyers are protected
· Payment goes straight to your Paypal account
· You can list as many items as you wish.

Are you a member of PCG?

If you would like to become a companion on Truly Handcrafted you can look in the members site on PCG for the money off code.

What else we offer you
· We have our facebook group that is closed and only for sellers.
· You are treated as a member and not just a number.
· A guarantee only handmade/upcycled items are on the site.

I am a one woman team so if I miss anything just give me a nudge and I will sort it or you can click the report an item button.

Your Products
· When listing your products you agree that you have designed and made yourself in the UK. (Materials do not have to be made in the UK)
· You accept that there may be other sellers with the same craft skills as you.
· Products should be legal to sell and must hold any correct documentation your item may need i.e. CE testing.
· Dummy clips and blinged dummies are NOT allowed on this site.
· We at Truly Handcrafted are not involved in any orders and we cannot be held responsible for any loss of earnings due to for eg Having to refund a customer or replace a lost item in the post. ( which is under the Consumer Contract Regulations) However if you need any advice or clarification just contact us.
· Descriptions and photographs should be clear and informative so to inform everything your customer needs to know. Must not contain any links to other marketplaces or websites.
We at Truly Handcrafted provide you with a selling platform that is available 24/7 and make it available to you to maintain and update suitable to you. We cannot guarantee sales, we do encourage you to share your links on all social media platforms and selling page (where allowed). There are social media button on each listing to help you with this, the more people that know about you and your shop the better SELL YOURSELF! We do however do our part and network and advertise the site as a whole, also Featured seller of the week is done on our front page ' recommended for you' and also on our facebook page. 

Any questions please read the Sellers FAQ's any additional questions please email me 

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