Sellers Agreement

Sellers agreement 

The site is provided as a portal for crafters and other small businesses to have a method of selling genuine handmade items to the public, by signing up to open a shop you must agree that only handmade products are offered for sale. It is the duty of the seller to confirm if a product meets this criteria.

All sellers must comply with relevant UK consumer laws including but not restricted to, testing, hallmarking, Distance selling regulations, Sale of goods act and child safety laws.

No seller must bring the site into disrepute through their own actions Any seller found to be in breach of the above agreement may have restrictions imposed and or site suspended with no right to recompense of fees paid None of the above is meant to be an obstacle to any seller and requires no special requirements.

By uploading photos to the website you agree to allow Truly Handcrafted to:

1) Use these images else where on our face book page, twitter and other social media platforms for promotional purposes ONLY.

2) Allow us to us to use your photos for advertising purposes leaflets etc...

Please be aware that once your shop fees has been paid for no refunds will be given as you will then have entered into a ‘service contract’ and the service was available as soon as the payment has been received. If you chose to end your shop early, the payment you made will not be refunded as the service has already been used.

If you are going away, go into your dashboard and click the holiday mode icon and click yes and save, also type in any special requirements that is needed especially if you wish to carry on selling while in holiday mode.

You are responsible for your own accounts, paying tax and VAT if applicable.


Truly Handcrafted provides you with the opportunity to sell your products by allowing you to create and maintain your own shop 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We cannot guarantee that you will make sales. We do encourage you to network and share your product links on your social media pages using the share buttons provided on each product listing. The more people aware of you and your products on Truly Handcrafted, the better your chance of a sale.

Has the owner of the site we are responsible of networking and promoting of the site as a whole and not individual shops unless you are the pick of the week/ featured seller where you would get extra share etc..

Customers will pay for their order via PayPal..

As Truly Handcrafted are not directly involved in any orders placed, we cannot be responsible for any loss of earnings due to e.g. needing to refund a customer under the Consumer Contract Regulations.

Should this happen between yourself and a customer, it is up to you the seller to solve any problems, however if you need any help or advice, you are welcome to contact us.

Listing of your products

By listing your products, you agree that everything listed is designed and or made by yourself

You accept that there may be other Sellers with the same craft skill as you. Products should be legal to sell and you must hold the correct documentation if applicable e.g. proof of C.E. testing etc etc

Dummy clips and blinged up dummy items are not allowed.

The site owners reserve the right to delete and inform you of the reason of any listings they deem not suitable.

Food Items

You must agree that you have passed and done all the relevant checks, tests and paper work to sell food products. The responsibility to ensure your items fit for consumption is down to you. Food safety must be your main priority when selling items of this kind. You must also make it clear how items are to be delivered or collected ( you must state your county/area for this purpose to avoid any kind of ordering errors) and ensure all packaging is fit for its purpose of transporting food items.

Over 18 Adult humour products

Please make sure these are in the over 18's section ( especially with swear words etc.) also please be sure to either blurr the picture or use a 'adult content' sign picture as your main picture ( or visibly hide the word/picture etc) and your title swear words ** out like ' I think you are a d**k' this is due to the fact our front page updates and rotates regularly when the page is refreshed and to be sure little eyes or people who are easily offended do not see them. Also use the tags ' adult content' to make it easier. If found not to admin will adjust picture or move you to the relevant categories. Google won't search listings with swear words so your item won't rank, but if you do the above it will not see the words as swearing.

Copyright/Trademark protected items: You can not list items that is copyright/trademark protected unless you have a licence from the copyright owner to reproduce their property. Items will be deleted if they do not conform to copyright law or if you can not prove you have the licence. If you have a licence to reproduce/sell copyrighted items please make this is clear in your listing description.

This addendum is subject to change as the site grows so please check back often.


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