Referral Program

Earn your self money for bringing other people to Truly Handcrafted as a store owner. The person you refer will also get 10% off their sign up fee. The more people you refer the more your will get paid. Please consult the table below to see how much you will be paid per person.

Tier Sign Up After 3 Months After 12 Months
0 £1.00 - -
1 £1.00 £1.50 £2.50
2 £1.50 £2.00 £4.00
3 £2.00 £3.00 £5.00

Please note that if the person you refer chooses the basic package you will only get the sign up fee for them and nothing after 3/12 months. Please find a table below for to see what is required to reach each tier.

Tier Requirements
0 No requirements. Automatically placed in this tier upon joining program.
1 Refer 3 shops over 3 months.
2 Refer 6 shops over 3 months.
3 Refer 12 shops over 3 months.

If you would like to join this program you must be a store owner. You can sign up for this program via the store owner dashboard.