Recommend a Seller Terms and Conditions

Recommending a friend or someone you know to this site will earn yourself money for the first 12 months of their shop.

Please be sure to tell anyone who you recommend this site to fill in the referrers box with your shop name, otherwise you will not get your 10% fee.
· Recommender(‘s) – You, the seller
· Applicants – potential sellers
· Our,we,us – Truly Handcrafted

· Applicants must enter your shop specific code in the box that asks them. So make sure you tell them this.
· Make sure the applicants know that they need to reside in the UK and all items are to be handmade by themselves
· Please look here for the commission you could potentially earn. (Note: the fee price can vary depending on the payment plan they choose)
· Your fee will be based on the length of time they have the shop. · The fee can only be paid to you once every month .
· Your fee will be paid via PayPal (fees may apply, depending on the account you have). The PayPal address used will be the same as the PayPal address on your account profile, so please can you make sure your account information is correct. You will be notified via the note section on your PayPal receipt.
· Fees will be paid within 2 working days of the joining fee being paid.