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Standing just under 6cm in height. This adorable Fairy House is decorated with a tie dye style Pink shimmering screw top roof in the style of a magical Toadstool.
The main building being predominately made from a glass jar decorated with polymer clay. There are small bushes growing up the side of the house, and beads decorate the top.
There are small windows to peek through.
There is a tiny welcome sign to hang outside your house.
The house comes with a small letter from the Tooth Fairy, but other fairies and Elves may visit.
The house has been designed for a child to leave their tooth in for the Tooth fairy to collect.
The Fairy house will come with both the sign and a letter. 
There is no postage cost on this item. 
It will be sent  to the address you use in your pay pal payment.
If you do have any questions please do not hesitate to ask me.
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Pink Bushes Fairy House

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